STEM at Bryn Mawr

Dr Eric

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the STEM fields, are becoming increasingly important in the 21st Century. 


At Bryn Mawr, we believe that providing girls with a strong foundation in these areas empowers them to creatively engineer the future.  Our goal is to help students think both criticially and creatively and to have confidence in their STEM skills by relating what they learn in the classroom to the world around them.

Girls often hit barriers in STEM disciplines due to a gender gap and societal stereotypes. However, at Bryn Mawr, girls become resilient and confident by growing their talents both inside and outside of the classroom. Our highly skilled STEM faculty serve as exceptional role models. By providing an array of unique experiences and viewpoints, teachers nourish students' intellectual skills that naturally help curiosity and creativity flourish. Bryn Mawr offers students an authentic STEM experience by providing opportunities for discovery and problem solving that catalyze learning throughout the grades. Students view the world through a trans-disciplinary lens, and see that their schoolwork is important to understanding the world. A Bryn Mawr student is not only a digital native, engineer, entrepreneur, mathematician, or scientist; but she is also an ethical leader ready to address real-world problems.

Eric E. Elton Ph.D
STEM Director

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