STEM Mentorship Program

One of the most critical factors in an individual’s success is having a strong mentor, especially for girls exploring STEM fields. There is a dearth of female role models in STEM, which when coupled with gender stereotyping leads girls to focus on other career paths.

Bryn Mawr has a proud tradition of fostering some of the greatest minds, and this holds true in STEM.


The STEM Alumnae Mentorship Program pairs current Upper School students with alumnae who work in a STEM career field. The girls learn from an adult who they have a shared school experience, and explore their interests in ways that are not possible within the regular curriculum. While our students gain invaluable insight from this program, the mentors are also beneficiaries. They are challenged by their new, honest allies, and tell us that they often end up feeling more energized and passionate about the work they do.



Middle School students who are interested in STEM are paired with upper school student who share thier passion for STEM.  The program allows our students to nourish each other's curiousity, provide tangible female role models for out Middle School students and creates ample opportunities for collaboration between the two divisions.