Mission & Diversity Statements

Mission Statement

The Bryn Mawr School is an independent, nonsectarian, college-preparatory school for girls from preschool through grade twelve. Within a nurturing environment, Bryn Mawr's rigorous academic curriculum inspires a passion for intellectual curiosity and emphasizes the delights and demands of learning. In the classical humanistic tradition, Bryn Mawr promotes the full development of mind, body, and spirit. The school cultivates respect for diversity and engenders habits of moral and ethical leadership and a sense of responsibility to the broader community.

A Bryn Mawr education is grounded in the expectation that young women will be resilient in the face of complexity, ambiguity, and change; will become responsible and confident participants in the world; and, will lead considered and consequential lives.

Diversity Statement

The Bryn Mawr School, founded in 1885 by five young women determined to offer girls the same rigorous education available to boys, has long been concerned with issues of equity and access. We believe that a diversity of opinions, experiences, and backgrounds enriches our students and prepares them to engage with the broader community with insight, conviction, and compassion. Our commitment to honoring the dignity and the rights of all people is reflected in every aspect of our program and our school culture. Building and sustaining a diverse community is an ongoing process that must remain at the heart of our mission as a school. 

Fall Visiting Days

What is a Fall Visiting Day?
Bryn Mawr’s Fall Visiting Days are a great opportunity for you to see Bryn Mawr during a real school day and to meet and speak with the director of the academic division to which your daughter will apply. Register Now!