From learning folk dances for Gym Drill to participating in dance classes and Middle and Upper School Dance Company, the opportunities for dance education at Bryn Mawr are full of variety and style.

Lower School

Dance is introduced through movement exploration and creative dance activities, and the girls begin to learn folk and square dances, line dances, and Maypole dances. Dance education in the Lower School provides a basic foundation and sets the stage for more advanced dances and dance technique.

Middle School

In dance class, required for all students, the emphasis is on introducing the girls to different ethnic, multicultural,and contemporary dances, but basic dance techniques, anatomy, dance history, and the art of choreography are also explored. The dances, performed each spring for the last 105 years at the annual Gym Drill in May, are a rite of passage for all Middle and Upper School girls at Bryn Mawr. In addition, Middle School Dance Company, which meets during the winter term each year, provides students with an opportunity to learn choreography from each other as well as from Bryn Mawr dance teachers and local area dancers. The movement styles performed include modern, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, musical theater, and tap.

Upper School

Two dance electives are offered in the Upper School. In the fall, students may enroll in Dance Techniques, a course which focuses on honing technical skills and includes ballet, modern, and jazz techniques. Dance Composition is offered in the spring. This course encourages students to creatively experiment with various elements of dance and, throughout the semester, students will choreograph short dance studies utilizing various choreographic tools. As technique, expression, and creativity develop, students may choose to audition for Upper School Dance Company. Members of Dance Company commit to rehearsing two days a week during the after-school activity period and work on dance pieces in various styles, including ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and hip-hop. This talented group works for several months and ends the year with a production in April.