Sustainability at Bryn Mawr

With 26.5 acres and 25 different buildings ranging in age from seven to 220 years old, The Bryn Mawr School faces some significant challenges in becoming the sustainable campus we aspire to be. This page was created to help track our progress and share information about various sustainability initiatives at Bryn Mawr.


Emphasis in recent years has centered on:

  • Waste Reduction
    • Installing composting bins for food and paper waste in the cafeteria
    • Instituting single stream recycling across campus in conjunction with Baltimore City
    • Reducing plastic trash bag usage
    • Using online/electronic publications and communications to reduce paper usage
    • Recycling and donating old electronic equipment
    • Installing hand dryers to reduce paper towel usage
  • Energy Conservation
    • Building-by-building conversion to low energy lights and motion detector
    • Renovations to the Lower School to reduce energy demand by installing heat–reflective roofing, an energy efficient HVAC system, and making use of natural lighting.
    • Installing a replacement high efficiency boiler system in the Katherine Van Bibber Gymnasium and Cafeteria building
  • Landscaping
    • Installing vegetable gardens in the Howell building courtyard
    • Planting native vegetation and hummingbird/butterfly gardens across campus
    • Developing a "Landscape Master Plan" that provides consistent plant palettes
    • Installing a turf athletic field to reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, as well as to reduce runoff
    • Removal of invasive plants in the Northwoods along Stony Run as well as ongoing native plant projects
  • Curriculum
    • Incorporating environmental issues and lessons at all grades levels, and within all subjects, to promote sustainability as a core value

To learn more about any or all of these topics, please see the tabs on the side navigation column. Thank you for supporting sustainability at Bryn Mawr!

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